Monday, March 27, 2017

Download Ottomania v6.0.3 Mod Apk

Download Ottomania v6.0.3 Mod Apk Money Android

Ottomania v6.0.3 Mod Apk Last Update
 Ottomania Mod Apk
Tower defence is among the trends of mobile games. And this time it is about Ottoman Empire.

In Ottomania you will fight against your enemies under the supervision of Osman Bey, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Sultan Suleyman. Together with Archers, Hazarfen, Shot-putters, Battal Gazi, Janissary and other epic heroes you will conquer continents. The first part of your adventure will take part in Anatolia, and will continue with even more challenging and tough defensive battles in the second part that takes place in the Balkans. Become a commander of Ottoman Army and be famous by winning the battles.

Ottomania is available with two language options: English, Turkish.

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Download Ottomania v6.0.3 Mod Apk:

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